Traditional Public Relations

As part of our traditional PR services, we creatively and proactively present you and your business as the story – as the news. Public Relations complement the advertising plan and positions your organization in the editorial section. Endorsement in the editorial space gets your business credibility and helps establish you as the thought leader.

We leverage our strategic ties with leading media houses and showcase you and your product or service in a very trustworthy environment. We work with lead reporters and editors to pitch the stories they are looking for. We understand how to write meaningful stories with the right content and secure strategic media placements. The validation and credibility derived out of these engagements can not be underestimated.

Online marketing and social media are our tested new age marketing tools. We seamlessly meld Traditional PR into internet marketing techniques to develop credible and consistent communication across channels. These integrated pubic relations & branding engagements are bound to drive your bottom line.

PR Strategy – We analyze your target audience and shortlist and select platforms that would get you the maximum reach.

PR writing and Optimization – We write the PR for various media (News print, Television, Tradeshows, Events).

PR Distribution – We push PR across to the top media houses.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Communication Programs…Integrated Marketing and Business Development.