At CLICK Marketing and Public Relations (CMPR), it all starts with a solid strategy and enthusiasm. With years of real world and online marketing experience, we listen to you to understand your short- and long-term goals, and work with you to put together Blended Marketing Programs that include elements of success both online and through traditional channels.

To build a great brand and your business, there is a need to balance online and traditional strategies to ensure communication is integrated across all platforms and media. We love to get involved with businesses whether at the planning and launch stage or to develop growth strategies of existing businesses.

The main objective of CMPR’s practice is to get our clients fully involved and oriented with the plan, and the process typically includes:

Opportunity Analysis:
We evaluate the online and real-world market. We will research your target audience and their media consumption. An important element is to also Segment the target audience and find the best platforms to reach them.

Competition Analysis:
We study the competitive landscape and decipher the competition’s strategy and tactics. We research their online and traditional plans, their target audience and media plans.

Once we have information on market opportunity and competition we analyze the data to put together a successful strategy with milestones that are put in place buy CMPR and the business owner or contact. Our strategy includes specific input on Branding, Media Mix (Online and Offline), Budget and Timelines.

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